Electroformed metal stickers are one of the most popular stickers at present. They not only look aesthetically-pleasing, but also reflect your brand or company in a more sophisticated way. These stickers attract your customers and increase the value of your products and services. They are extremely versatile as well and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used on visiting cards, jewellery boxes, gift boxes, wedding cards and so on. Further, they come in different color, specifications and can be customized as per your requirements.


First and foremost reason to use ELECTROFORMING STICKER for showcasing your brand name or company is the aesthetics it offers. This kind of stickers looks very sleek and stylish. To help you understand better, here we are sharing some of the best qualities of electroformed metal stickers.

#1. ELECTROFORMED STICKERS LOOK MORE ATTRACTIVECustom Electroformed Metal Sticker China Manufacturer GREATEROEM

Not to mention, the electroplated metal stickers are known for their looks. They look very shiny, sleek and attractive. They are available in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and thickness. The exceptional finish and the texture of these stickers plays a major role in attracting more customers and increasing your brand value.


The highly exquisite electroformed stickers look very similar to electric plating. They are very well-detailed and can be customized in a number of ways according to your requirements. You can go from basic to more detailed patterns.


Another quality of electroformed metal stickers is that they are very durable. This is because of two reasons, first they are made from high quality metals like nickel and steel etc. and secondly they are resistant to moisture and dampness which adds to their longevity. If taken good care of, they last for pretty long.


These meticulous stickers look very graceful and sophisticated due to their 3D effect. They are quite thick and compose an embossed layer that reflects light. When compared to the flat and plain stickers, they can be seen in low light due to the reflection.


Electroformed stickers or labels are made from metals like high-quality nickel, copper and gold. They offer great resistance from weather conditions and a smooth surface. The processing of these high-grade signs is very simple and hence, they come at an affordable price. Further, they can be used on different surfaces including metal, wood, steel, leather, plastic etc. The three main steps included in the manufacturing of these stickers are electroforming, peeling and glueing.

1. ELECTROFORMING: A well treated stainless steel plate with the image of the design is prepared for electroforming. The plate along with a special fixture is processed in an electroforming nickel cell for further processing. They are kept in this cell for some time depending upon the thickness and size of the material to be cast.

2. PEELING: Next, the steel plate is taken out of the electroforming cell and then washed and dried. After that, the plated text is peeled off using a transfer film.

3. GLUEING: The final step of processing the electroformed stickers is glueing. There are basically two methods for fueling, the screen printing method in which a self-adhesive screen is printed on the backside of the pattern. The second method is to print the adhesive pattern separately and then attach it to the electroformed pattern by pressing it.

That’s it!! Due to the simple processing and great qualities, an ELECTROFORMING STICKER has a great edge over a flat copper or NICKEL STICKER. Hence, the demand for the electroformed sticker is growing continuously.

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