1, machine plus molding
The marking sign is made by machined and painted, so that the installation dimensions are uniform and can be mass-produced. The processing of the paint spray panel of the instrument is stricter in size, and requires experienced clamps and milling machines, and CNC drilling machines can be used conditionally.

2, degreasing
In order to make the surface of the aluminum plate have certain affinity to the printing paint, the oil on the surface of the plate should be removed. Generally, the oil can be removed with a fine sawdust and then degreased with an organic solvent; the oil in the machining can be organic. The solvent or alkaline solution is chemically degreased.

3, polishing
There are scratches on the surface of the board. A layer of putty should be scraped first to make it smooth, and it can be mechanically polished, chemically polished or electrochemically polished according to customer requirements.

4, spray primer
Due to the poor combination of the aluminum alloy material with the topcoat and the printing ink, it is necessary to spray a layer of epoxy zinc yellow primer of about 0.01 mm before the aluminum alloy panel is sprayed.

5, spray finish
According to the customer’s request, spray the corresponding color of amino paint or acrylic paint. For light color paints, especially white paints, the drying temperature and drying time should be strictly controlled, otherwise the white paint will be yellowish.


metal nameplate

metal nameplate