There is no denying the fact that logo making and usage of the logs in stickers, labels and other such products has gone through a number of changes. If you look at some of the best CHINA UV Resistant Metal Logo Sticker Label perfume bottle electroformed nickel sticker 06ELECTROFORMING STICKER manufacturing companies, you will find that they invest a lot of time, money, effort, technology and human resources on either readymade or CUSTOM ELECTROM STICKER manufacture. What exactly is this form of sticker making? This is a common question that often comes to the mind of many people. Electroforming metal stickers are generally a technology that makes it impossible for the ordinary eye to differentiate between a metal logo and a printed logo. This is done using a sophisticated TRANSFER NICKEL STICKER technology. Not many manufacturers in the world have been able to master this technology except a few big names like GreaterOEM.

It requires the most advanced and meticulous manufacturing processes and standards so that the right chamfers at the sides are made visible. It also comes with light reflection technology and the differences between 3D metal stickers and ordinary metal stickers is there for all to see.

3D TEXTURE WITH SLIGHT CHAMFER EDGES. It also comes with special back gum that helps in ensuring that the stickers and labels stick on the surfaces properly. The thickness and appearance has to be perfect and meticulous. Hence, there is hardly any doubt that you need to choose the right LOGO STICKERS FACTORY if you are keen on getting the best electroform logo sticker.


There are obviously a number of benefits and advantages as far as these electroform logos are concerned. To begin with they are simply superb and unmatched as far as color, shape, design, and other such attributes are concerned. Therefore, if you are keen on creating that first impression, it makes a lot of sense to go in for these customized logo stickers.

Most customized logo stickers have a specially thought out design concept. They make use of the best of designers and therefore the end products, especially the electroform logo stickers are a testimony to professionalism, quality and a product that is born out of research and thinking.

If you wish to give your business a separate entity and build a brand value, then you have all reasons to invest in these electroform logo stickers, labels and other such end use products. Your logo is important and it talks to the viewers about the overall objective and goodwill of your company. Hence, you must make sure that the logo is made from the best of electroform logo sticker technology.

Electroform logo stickers also helps in making sure that you are able to get the right size and the right variations and formats for use in different media. However, at the same time, it also helps in maintaining uniformity as far as your branding and logo combinations are concerned.

Finally, you will be able to set your business, big or small, on the right course and will be able see improved sales. Though you may have to spend more in making these electroform logo stickers, labels and other such products, you can be sure that you will get good value for money.

Hence, it is clear from the above that there are enough reasons to invest in this sticker and label making option.


With so many options available, it is quite obvious that you will find it quite tough to choose the right manufacturers of electroform logo sticker and label manufacturers. Hence, we recommend that prospective customers go through the following tips. This may help them to separate the grain from the chaff and stay away from suppliers and manufacturers who do not enjoy the right goodwill.

  • Look for reputation and experience. These are the two main points to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right electroforming sticker and logo supplier.
  • Check their track record and make sure that they have at least a few dozen customers not only in the country to which they belong but also in other foreign countries.
  • Are they experts in customizing these logo stickers keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of their clients?
  •  Pricing, timely delivery and quality guarantee are attributes of good service providers like GreaterOEM and therefore you should look at such companies before making the final decision.


To sum up, there are only very few companies who are capable of offering quality readymade as well as customized electroform logo stickers. Hence, if you are planning to choose one it perhaps makes sense to visit the site of GreaterOEM where you will be able to get the right reasons for choosing such experienced, capable and technology enabled manufacturers of electroform logo stickers.