Branding and packaging is an essential and crucial part of marketing and customer satisfaction in the market. Every organization and company, be it international, multinational, national, or local, marketing is the first step for them to sell their products and for that to happen, the products have to be made attractive. One of the ways for making products exotic or increasing the market value of it is by attaching stickers, labels, or electroplated metal stickers, which emphasizes on the brand or name of the product. China is known to be one of the biggest hubs which manufacture top quality electroplated thin metal logo stickers and other products for labelling, and this article will focus on one of those manufacturers.

ABOUT GREATEROEMTop Quality Electroplated Thin Metal Logo Sticker From China Company GREATEROEM

Greateroem manufacturing in China is one of the top manufacturers for proving every element for branding including decoration stickers or customized electroplated logo stickers for products. This particular sticker labels manufacturer takes pride in their top quality services and products which they provide to various clients all over the world. Greateroem specifically specializes in bespoke badges, nameplates, stickers, and labels which are electroplated.

Apart from the regular electroplated sticker manufacturing companies we are generally aware of, Greateroem is special in terms of customization. Usually, electroplated manufacturers work on models and printers which are not always able to serve the demands of the clients in terms of shapes or particular graphics. But Greateroem fulfils those demands because they are equipped with various printing technologies and printers which could print screen, digital, and even offset label printing for clients. The company’s in-line automated machines always offer quality designs and services along with the assurance of providing the best final products to the clients.


Greateroem manufacturing specializes in three kinds of products and they are as follows –


We are all aware or must have come across the metal stickers which are being used instead of the regular paper stickers for branding or decorative purposes. While paper stickers are the most widely available stickers in the market, the one difference between those and the metal ones are that they are more decorative, durable in nature, and can be used on any surface without the worry of it being spoiled because of water or other elements. Moreover, Greateroem does not only offer branding options for its clients since they also make a bulk order for retailers or specific sellers, totally based on their ideas for custom designing. In general, these thin metal stickers are used on doors, products for enriching its designs or branding, labelling stickers for bottles or other objects, or even casual ones which can be stuck on any surface.

metal nameplate

metal nameplate


Nameplates are in an all-time demand from customers all over the world. Greateroem offers nameplates not just in the form of casual regular names written or embossed on a metal plate, but also in the form of stickers which can be easily stuck on any surface of the door or wall. Moreover, these metal nameplates are not always for names of the clients for their official or personal purposes but are also made for products and brands, which becomes a part of the entire packaging for branding purposes. Given that the manufacturing company has the best in-line technologies and high-class printers, they can create any kind of shape, design, colour or any customization depending on the needs of the clients. The company ensures that its products are of top quality given that a product can only sell well in the market when they are attractable and eye-catching to the customers.


Wine bottles are one of the most elegant and exquisite things one can find in the market, and therefore the labels that are being made for the bottle has to be equally elegant and exquisite. Greateroem specializes not just in making simple and customized metal logo stickers but also well-made artistic wine labels for various clients all over the world. These wine labels can be made in different shapes, sizes, or colour combination that would bring out the essence of the branding and match with the quality of the wine.


Greateroem manufacturing, which is based in China, produces some of the top quality electroplated metal logo stickers in various forms for its clients all over the world. They have come forward as a competitive and trusted manufacturer because of their high-end technologies and creativity to match the branding purposes of the clients.